TechAPTO : Integrating Communication Equipments to Resolve Complex Business Challenges

CIO Vendor Education Institutions face unique identity and access management challenges that vary from other industries. As reluctant to change as it is, this vertical is not comfortable about more mobile or computer-oriented labor and less paperwork. Changing this perception, TechAPTO is well placed to help and partner the education industry in providing the direction that Information Technology needs in the Education arena.

A growing majority of traditional on-premises identity and access management (IAM) infrastructures are now replacing or moving towards embedding or enabling support for software as a service (SaaS) and cloud based endpoints. The bottleneck lies with the fact that a good portion of the SaaS application service providers maintain a solitary and isolated IT environment with their own in-house parameters in operation. However, TechAPTO’s managed cloud also puts CIOs in control of releases and upgrade schedules. TechAPTO’s IT staff not only handles the upgrades for clients, freeing the internal staff for more strategic projects, but enables clients to orchestrate these updates on a schedule that makes the most sense for their business.

Identity analytics plays a crucial role in reducing runtime access risk and improving user login experience. To ensure effective access certifications, organizations must add identity analytics data to their access certification process. Our Identity Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) is an Identity Analytics and Intelligence solution, helping businesses identify and mitigate the risks of fraud and data breach. TechAPTO’s tools provide automation for governance processes, such as recertification campaigns or access requests, and can complement existing IAM investments.
“We provide the user experiences that business users demand”, adds Anubhav Wadhwa, CEO & Founder, TechAPTO. For better or worse, BYOD enabled use of consumer technologies in the work environment presents a constant threat for IT departments to secure and control endpoint computing resources. Having observed businesses struggling to adapt to this change, TechAPTO addressed these concerns by launching its cloud-only Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. This solution secures enterprise mobile workforce for large to small and medium sized businesses, and also end-users from falling prey to the latest malicious plans and malware attacks. This solution provider’s cloud-based MDM solution does not require any implementation costs thereby welcoming SMEs who otherwise were not capable of adopting on-premise based MDM because of high implementation costs.

TechAPTO is well placed to help and partner the education industry in providing the direction that Information Technology needs in the Education arena

Via a unique algorithm called ‘Trends on Internet’, TechAPTO has built a path-breaking 'predictive socio-industrial analytics' technology. This portal re-defines how users connect with fans and followers, drive content engagement, increase brand loyalty, promote customer advocacy, surface influencers, and deliver value by allowing them to set their products and ideas as trends for the community. Besides, the company was recognized by the UN for its work alongside ‘Tyrelessly’ and was presented at UN Headquarters in New York during the ECOSOC forum on 31st January 2017. With advances to build more mature identity governance, TechAPTO, through its best practices is soon to emerge as a key contributor in the IAM space in India.