Star Link Communication - Simplifying Workforce Management

CIO Vendor A people-focused time and attendance system goes above and beyond basic timekeeping to encourage open communication and active engagement. Well aligned to the cause, New Delhi headquartered Star Link Communication Private Limited builds and provides solutions related to Attendance Management and Biometric Access Control. Star Link specializes in the area of automatic data collection via connecting it with the main stream application by using a state-of-the-art technology. The combined effort of Star Link’s dedicated team helped the company to eventually venture into manufacturing Biometric Access Control and solutions.

In a 10 year long run of service, Star Link Communication has delivered reliable and demand-suiting solutions to end users or clients who were in need of any biometric solution to simplify their workforce management. In the light of this, the primary objective was to reduce the administrative losses faced by the companies. Hence, to tackle such complexities the company has served such businesses with tech-savvy technologies time to time to meet their security and access control requirements.

HR Technologies
Star link facilitates Star Time Office Software to enable organizations suffice the request. Star Time Office empowers companies to streamline the workforce by maintaining the track records of attendance thereby assisting HRs to reduce the managing cost and increase the efficiency. It allows the user to set the leave accrual policy and shift timings (for round-the-clock operations). The software eliminates the hassle of expensive hardware installations and burdensome paper works. Being a Web based application, gives the application an edge by permitting access from any part of the world with an internet enabled device.
One of the key factors very important for project and organization planning is the management of employee leaves and leave policy as a whole. Star Link’s Leave Management Software is based on a SQL server database with multi-Level leave approval policy that aids in automating employee’s leave management process. Admin can define the number of seniors authorized to approve the leaves of any employee in multilevel leave approval policy. A finger based access control system by Star Link called, Bio Lynx, avails multiple communication modes that allow users to get data easily without any hassle. It features capacity storage of 5, 00,000 records while 9560 finger templates can be stored in it.

Star Link’s Leave Management Software is based on a SQL server database with multi-Level leave approval policy

Looking at the route this domain is on, Star Link has incorporated GPS for the navigational details of the machines. Furthermore, the company has accomplished a whole new customized solution with the access control integrated with the surveillance monitoring system. “We are working in multi-lateral ways to improve as well as deliver high quality products with outstanding and unique features”, says Vipin Yadav, Managing Director, Star Link Communication.

From multiple range of biometric products covering face, and fingerprint scanner, along with access controls and improved technologies into the existing range of products, Star Link has set sail to cross every milestone in the Biometrics vertical.