Shripati Technical Services - Bringing in IoT Domain Specific IAM Eco-solutions

CIO Vendor As the notion surrounding development of software solutions for big data grows, intellectual property data management and analysis as a domain has grown ten folds with a lot of traction. Headquartered in Gurgaon, Shripati Technical Services (STS) Private Limited delivers solutions and services built around intellectual property in alignment with domain based Internet of Things (IoT) eco-solutions authenticating identities, transactions to protect data across the originator, the connected world and the cloud. The company exploits innovative technologies in digital securities and Internet of Things (IoT) embedding digital mask in business objects to authenticate business data. Passports, licenses, Land Registrations, degrees, academic certificates, birth, death and marriage certificates remain a major target for criminals and counterfeiters.

Shripati’s e-Guard Document Shield, is a complete Document anti-counterfeiting transactional eco-system securing document by embedding digital marking (Smart chip) in the physical document. The document is thus activated without the servers and is uploaded in the public network. This chip is authenticated and the verification data is sent to the servers. Its unique connected object AAA encryption and business process security format prevents creations /circulations of fake documents in public domain. This IoT based product is designed providing Intelligent Data Detection format in the core engine so that identity & access management module can detect & identify document based on domain and display corresponding user interface. At the same time, observing the rise of user-centric, smart and connected healthcare, Shripati puts forth its e-Peopleplus, an IoT based environment catering to provide smart & connected health.
With an in-built MIS tool availing a view of the detailed analysis of the roster flying hours at each base, this eco-solution is capable of integrating contactless Smart Card and biometric interface to justify electronic medical record access and insurance claims. The Health card ensures security of the patient medical data that can be accessed only, with his or her consent, using a one-time password, either from mobile phone or portal or on a doctor desk application provided to PPN Application suite. Moreover, the platform is equipped with 24 X7 Emergency Response Radar, where in Response center can view a real time emergency Policy holder requests and their identifications, their locations and accordingly send all nearest available logistic/ambulatory/medical support. This in turn provides inclusions in comprehensive coverage for primary, secondary and tertiary care. Currently, STS is now on a path to offer an IoT based solution to Automobile industry, namely ConnectPlus that connects the vehicle owners with real time data of the traffic conditions and pollution control mechanisms.

Shripati’s e-Guard Document Shield, is a complete Document anti-counterfeiting transactional eco-system

Having served eminent clients such as AIIMS Patna, Kumaon University, Mubarak Hospital Kuwait, United Gulf Bank Bahrain, the company has planned to expand its customer database count to more than 10 million in the years to come. STS intends to establish itself among top three organizations in APAC region offering IAM for IoT domain specific solutions.