Confluxsys - Business-Driven Access Certification and Data Quality Analysis

CIO Vendor With escalating adoption of cloud and mobility technologies, organizations often confront complexity of managing access to information and applications scattered across internal and external application systems. This occurs due to their need to provide access for the growing number of identities, without compromising security. Based out of Pune, Confluxsys India is an Identity Analytics and Access governance product development company with focus on continuous compliance. Established in 2011, Confluxsys is focused on delivering products to empower business stakeholders to manage security policies of the organization in an intuitive business friendly manner.

In the present complex and volatile market, internal audit departments are expected to provide stakeholders with business insights and serve as a strategic advisor to the organization while focusing on the non-negotiable compliance activities. To address these audit and compliance requirements, Confluxsys propounds its Identity Analytics Platform (IAP), a business-driven Access Certification and Data Quality Analysis solution for connected and disconnected systems, across on-premise and cloud applications. The solution ensures access governance, and analytics using big data technologies, for identities and access across on-premise and cloud applications.

Saving Time and Cost in Certification Checks
The Identity Analytics along with Data Quality Analysis, Entitlements Management and Continuous Access Certification (periodic and event driven) solutions ensure compliance and manages access risks. By creating a single view (workbook/ spreadsheet) for reviewer while combining the certification tasks from multiple reviews, IAP scales down rubber stamping ensuring reduced time and cost of running certification campaigns.
By analyzing and gathering feedbacks from each certification campaign run, Confluxsys’ solution builds more insight and knowledge for the next one. Moreover, IAP proceeds with a Data Owner driven approach to upload application accounts, entitlements, permissions, and perform Data Quality Analysis – validate, correlate, analyze, cleanse & reconcile; prior to the start of Access Certification. The platform allows Data Owner to manage entitlement catalog, and risk-scores with a simple interface. In a schema-less approach, the access control model is ‘as it exists’ in the target platform. In this approach, the data owner performs minimal to no transformation of the access data before uploading into Confluxsys Identity Analytics Platform.

“An IAM product by itself only provides the framework for Identity Management. For organizations to incorporate their business process, requirement is to have Accelerators solve specific business use case, while allowing the customers to choose them as per their needs”, explains Rahul Jha, CEO, Confluxsys.

Confluxsys is focused on delivering products to empower business stakeholders to manage security policies of the organization in an intuitive business friendly manner

Having believed that the key driver is to constantly analyze and improve existing IGA practices, rather than simply automating the IAM process, Conflusys is currently serving clients globally including elites such as Oracle, Wipro, IBM and KPMG. With a vision to carry Confluxsys to global heights, the team is working towards providing Identity Analytics as a Service that can be deployed at different stages of Identity Management process for a context and risk aware governance.