Bulk Material - Customized Project Solutions for Industrial Application and Users

CIO Vendor Bulk Material Handling (BMH) Technologies was formed in 2008 to provide customized software development services to industries. Information Technology (IT) has become mainstream function for the effective functioning of organization. While the earlier focus of IT was towards automation, it’s now becoming the project executor and customized solution provider.

Headquartered in Pune, Bulk Material Handling Technologies is known for its numerous heavy equipment projects and customized software solutions. The company practices technical expertise in interfacing with hardware and software with affordable cost.

BMH Technologies main focus to provide customized solutions for GPS based tracking systems whether it is for personal vehicles, cars, trucks, industrial transport (Asset Tracking), automobile manufacturers, online machines parameter transfer from remote location etc.

The company expedites project implementation of Global positional systems (GPS) for plants and users, Biometrics attendances systems, and various types of advance technologies of level measurement system.

Bulk Material Handling Technologies provided spectrum includes a range of alerts that are communicated to the client's by email or mobile phone in text message form (sms) when such events occur. This includes Over speed alerts, Route Deviation alerts, Battery disconnected alerts, Waiting alerts, input on/off alerts (ignition, door, indicator etc).

BMH Technologies practices technical expertise in interfacing with hardware and software with affordable cost

For MIS reports, BMHT provide access to a wide variety of reports that analyze clients’ vehicles operation efficiency and effectiveness, thereby assisting in taking managerial decisions. This is done in an easy-to-understand tabular format.

Currently BMHT has following customized solutions developed for clients:
• GPS Based Customised Tracking solution for Operations
• Centralised Biometric Attendance System
• All types of Building Management Solutions
• Online monitoring of Industrial Parameters from remote locations
• Coal Bunker Management System
• 3D solid Level measurement system
• 3D ESP Hopper Ash Level Measurement System

BMH Technologies has in house team for delivering turnkey projects including hardware, software designing and implementation. Also, the company is associated with EIP Technologies, Noida for level sensor solutions. Being one of the customer conscious organizations, Bulk Material Handling Technologies is involved in delivering our customer a Centralized Biometric Attendance System for 12000 employees at pocket friendly prices. BMHT’s strategic business model is a combination of both automation and software development with high expertise and reliable technology solutions to our clients at an affordable cost. Keeping this in focus, BMHT looks forward to trying newer technologies and innovations in the years to come.