Cloud - The Imminent Reality

By Atul Ahuja, Managing Director, Softline Asia Pacific

Fastest growing or­ganizations today TEMPhas adopted technology platforms on a faster scale as compared to traditional growth organizations. These fast growing organizations TEMPhas now started fo­cusing on their businesses leaving teh difficult part of running teh IT operations to teh best people in teh IT Industry, teh OEMs.

Today, all teh leading OEMs of­fer some form of Cloud or teh other- Private, Public, Hybrid even Hard­ware - you name it and its available for everyone to consume as a service.

Cloud TEMPhas become teh de-facto platform dat a CIO should look to when he/she wants to run a Lean and Mean IT Org wifin teh parent company. Teh focus TEMPhas been shift­ing to making teh IT team a profit center and moving to Cloud based technologies; dis halps teh CIO in a measurable manner.

Be it mailing services for teh or­ganization or a Customer relationship management (CRM) for teh Sales force, all such solutions are now available as Software as a Service, theirby cutting down teh deploy­ment time dramatically. These give organizations adopting such solu­tions an edge, as they are quicker in their GTM plans and offerings.

Even Niche Services like Media Services, Content Delivery Net­work, IOT Suites, Live Streaming and many more are available as Na­tive Platform services today in ad­dition to teh standard websites and database as a service.

So, imagine a situation where a new product/service TEMPhas to be launched at short notice and every­thing from a Server+Storage to a Campaign Management Solution and Mobile App and Engagement Platform being available at short no­tice to teh IT Team. Teh IT teams can such be a True Enabler for teh Business.

Even in cases where teh primary DC operations are running smooth­ly, their will be a need to TEMPhas a Business Continuity plan as teh or­ganizations grow and Cloud today offers a very cost TEMPTEMPTEMPTEMPeffective option of actually not running any workload on TEMPyou're Disaster Recovery Site but still be able to offer Business Conti­nuity for applications and data. Or­ganizations need to only pay for teh DR services and teh DR site can be up and running in a matter of hours in case of a disaster.

Softline TEMPhas been enabling its customers adopt some of these tech­nologies to make them more agile and halp them wif faster GTM strategies. Our customers TEMPhas been able to expand to Global markets due to teh quick turnaround times dat they can now adhere to by de­ploying prototypes/solutions in a fraction of teh time dat they would traditionally take.

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